CNC milling

CNC milling is a process in which the milling machine works under computer control. The processes are carried out fully automatically. With CNC milling, a large number of pieces can be manufactured at a constant level.

  • Manufacturing complex workpieces
  • High precision and manufacturing quality
  • Very high production speed

CNC turning

CNC turning is a process for the rapid production of parts made of metal or plastic. Due to the mechanical workflow, the precision is extremely high and the error rate is very low. The finished part is immediately ready for use.

  • High precision
  • Production of large quantities at the same level
  • Constant quality


In addition to our individual services, we also offer the final assembly of individual components to form a component group. In addition to the individual process steps, you also receive the final product from a single source.

  • Assembly of components to the final product
  • Clean assembly performance for use with medical devices
  • High flexibility and delivery reliability




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