For prototypes true to the original

The vacuum casting process is used to manufacture sophisticated plastic prototypes with a high degree of originality. High-quality, true-to-original prototypes are available within a very short time. You achieve high cost savings compared to traditional mold production from steel tools. The monitoring of work processes by microprocessors guarantees an optimal casting quality and ensures perfect results. Depending on the vacuum casting material and the complexity of the mold, up to 30 – in exceptional cases over 50 – parts can be made from one mold.


  • High economic efficiency with up to 95% cost savings
  • Short time to prototype
  • Variable tooling
  • High quality texture
  • Fast and reliable pre-production testing
  • Different potting materials in any color and quality
  • Maximum mold size: H = 500 mm, W = 450 mm, D = 425 mm (larger shapes on request)




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