Plan Optik has taken over MMT GmbH based in Siegen. The takeover was part of an asset deal. After the transaction is completed, Plan Optik holds 70% of the shares in the company.

With the takeover of MMT, Plan Optik strengthens its activities in the field of microfluidic systems. MMT has an extensive product portfolio in the areas of microdosing pumps and specific know-how for creating active biochips or complex microfluidic systems. The products are used in various industries such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry or bio and nanotechnology. In the field of medical technology, for example, MMT supplies high-precision micro-metering pumps to temporarily support cardiac activity.

MMT ideally complements Plan Optik’s core business. Plan Optik has been marketing micro-structured wafers for years, which are also used in microfluidic systems. In addition, the Plan Optik subsidiary Little Things Factory GmbH manufactures complete microreactors and thus its own microfluidic components. With the takeover of MMT, the Plan Optik Group can now supply its own complete microfluidic systems and is thus one of the first providers with a complete range.

“As microfluidics is used in an increasing number of applications such as chemistry or medicine, we expect strong growth in this area,” says Plan Optik sole director Michael Schilling. MMT and the Little Things Factory currently have annual sales of around one million euros. “In a few years we want to achieve a business volume and growth rates in the field of microfluidics with our subsidiaries MMT and Little Things Factory that are comparable to our previous core business.”